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At 10xWell, we believe that data used the right way can make a huge difference. Used the right way, data can make it easier for doctors to care and treat patients and for patients to be informed partners in managing their health.

Making Compliance Easier For Doctors

Ever increasing demands on doctors to comply with new regulations and quality metrics make it a challenge to make your priority at all times the care and treatment of your patients. Doctors and their practices don't have time to stay on top of it all. We believe that better solutions are needed so that doctors are able to focus on what really matters, the health of their patients.



About Us

10xWell is a team with a history of working with start-up ventures. We offer years of experience in electronic health records, clinical management, and the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

We are leveraging this experience, our networks, and our collective energy to build a company that offers solutions that improve the care process and enhance compliance in a rapidly changing environment. Our core belief as health care enters the era of big data is that patients and their providers have an unprecedented opportunity to engage in more effective and efficient care.  However, these improvements cannot happen unless we are able to parse, sort, condense and simplify data quickly for greater understanding.



Compliance Valet™

Doctors, administrators, managers and support staff are constantly challenged with ever increasing compliance demands. There is an immense and costly toll to their time and resources, which directly affects the practice bottom line. 

With the use of an EHR no longer being optional and the risk of substantial penalties in Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement always looming, you need to get your arms around new and changing requirements and regulations. Simplify how to stay on top of it all, so that your priority can remain providing the best possible care and treatment for your patients.

What you need is a plan for staying ahead of the curve. We offer a way to easily monitor your compliance status, so that you can make adjustments when needed. Most importantly, what we can give you is peace of mind that you are on track and on top of your compliance requirements and that you do not miss a detail.



To contact 10xWell please e-mail us and we will respond within 24 hours.   If you want us to call you back, please leave a number and the best times to call and to whom we should speak.  We look forward to sharing what we know with you.

e-mail:  sales@10xWell.com